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"The Tacklit micro journaling enables me to see when my clients have used their skills and resources to overcome a challenge and allows us to celebrate these moments."

Melissa Yap - Clinical Psychologist


"Since using Tacklit, and taking advantage of Micro Journalling, we start a session with a pre-agreed topic, dramatically maximising the effectiveness of our contact time."

Gary Grinham - Elite Performance Coach


"I love the level of customisation for assessments. The minimal effort required to access the client's responses means I can spend the time focusing on the key material when preparing for the sessions."

Tessa Saunders - Family & Systemic Psychotherapist


"Easily accessible, flows really well, its personalised to my needs and astectically pleasing. One other thing too the customer service is second to none!! Amazing product, fantastic service and bespoke to my needs."

Jean Langford - Practice Director

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Innovative and supportive

Tacklit’s micro journaling support tools create a better patient experience, generate additional clinical insight and produce better outcomes. Show your patients the future of mental healthcare and add even more value to their lives.

  • Mobile first
  • Fast & Simple
  • More data
  • Improve insight
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"This is vital for me as a coach, it provides me with real time information and means that we can get straight to the root cause of problems."

Gary Grinham - Elite Performance Coach