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Our Story
Our purpose is to amplify the impact of mental healthcare practitioners through the power of technology and data.
Why we created Tacklit
We believe innovation can drive positive change. Our team have successfully worked together previously to solve big problems with technology. We are passionate about helping improve mental health.
The world is facing an ever increasing mental health crisis

One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year. In fact it's a leading cause of ill-health and disability worldwide. This results in huge negative personal, social and economic impact. In Australia alone the annual cost of mental illness is $220 Billion.

Our co-founder has personal lived experience

From the initial realisation that help was needed to then accessing care; it was difficult to find the right program and practitioner. Even during treatment, it was hard to get the right support along the way. Read more about Rich's journey.

The care ecosystem is complex. Tools haven't kept up.

Practitioners and practices are being asked to do more, and all existing technology seems to fall short. Data and insight on what works for who, in what scenario, is lacking. Meaning the ability to optimise the system and improve outcomes is inhibited.

Join our team and become a game-changer for mental health

What to help us support millions of people get access to proactive, personalised and outcome driven mental health care? Come and join our world class team


"Depression is one of the leading causes of disability. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. People with severe mental health conditions die prematurely – as much as two decades early – due to preventable physical conditions."

World Health Organization


"Mental ill-health affects all Australians either directly or indirectly. Almost one in five Australians has experienced mental illness in a given year. Many do not receive the treatment and support they need."

Australian Productivity Commission - November 2020

Tacklit are proudly purpose driven

Our values reflect how we operate working together and with our customers

We show heart and courage

We love what we do and why we do it. We think big and are bold. We know it is hard to do great things so persevere and keep pushing forward.

Our mission

  • Improve outcomes

    Make screening, progress and outcome measurement simple and scalable. Support better matching of client needs to right interventions and practitioners based on propensity to get the best outcome.

  • Improve early intervention capability

    Leverage unique data and predictive analytics to better identify issues and friction before they reach a crisis point.

  • Reduce time needed on low value tasks

    Move analogue or paper handovers to digital tools to reduce friction and leakage. Use intelligent automation to save valuable time while staying secure and compliant. Enable more capacity to provide high quality care.

  • Improve the coordination of care

    Enable the creation, implementation and measurement of care pathways. Digitise interactions outside of the practice room. Deepening relationships and creating new, relevant insights to support decision making.

Our team

We are a global team of software craftspeople, partnering with frontline practitioners to build the right things in the right way.

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