"Tacklit"Tacklit: Empowering UK mental health providers, NHS and private practice psychologists, therapists and coaches to deliver the highest quality care and best outcomes.
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Better outcome measurement and care coordination. In half the time.

Tacklit lets mental health practitioners effortlessly manage client engagement, appointments, invoicing, compliance, outcome measurement and more - all in one place.


Amplify your impact

Harness the power of data with timely, relevant insights. Inform your clinical decision making by understanding, and elevating, outcomes.

  • Tacklit ICBetter triage and onboarding
  • Tacklit ICBuild custom client check-ins and surveys
  • Tacklit ICAutomate outcome measurement

Enhance your relationships

Simple, collaborative and secure. Tacklit delivers the underlying operating system you need, connecting you with what matters.

  • Tacklit ICDeepen your therapeutic alliance
  • Tacklit ICKeep referrers informed
  • Tacklit ICCoordinate your care delivery

Give yourself superpowers

Purpose built for mental health care providers. Streamline your workload. You focus on providing the care, and let Tacklit coordinate the rest.

  • Tacklit ICFast, digital touch points for clients
  • Tacklit ICQuickly create, edit and share notes and reports
  • Tacklit ICSecure. HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

The platform that forward thinking mental health care providers have been waiting for

Frontline Practitioners

The perfect co-pilot for Psychologists and Therapists to automate your busy work, run your admin effortlessly and compliantly, and wow your clients.

Therapy Practices

Practice leaders can streamline your people operations, lower your operating costs and improve performance with detailed analytics.

EAP and Program Providers

Coordinate quality care at scale for your EAP or Program. Monitor, measure and report outcomes. Understand what programs deliver results and ROI.


"The Tacklit micro journaling enables me to see when my clients have used their skills and resources to overcome a challenge and allows us to celebrate these moments."

Melissa Yap - Clinical Psychologist


"I love the level of customisation for assessments. The minimal effort required to access the client's responses means I can spend the time focusing on the key material when preparing for the sessions."

Tessa Saunders - Family & Systemic Psychotherapist


"Since using Tacklit, and taking advantage of Micro Journalling, we start a session with a pre-agreed topic, dramatically maximising the effectiveness of our contact time."

Gary Grinham - Elite Performance Coach