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A platform your whole team will love
We have built Tacklit to delight all members of your team. Clinical roles, administrative roles and leadership all get great value from our tools and insights.

Clinical Staff

Leading capabilities whether you are an individual practitioners or part of a larger care team. See how we help Psychologists and Therapists across a number of contexts.

Private Practices

Run your business, coordinate your team, delight your clients. Practice Leaders can now get the insight and visibility across you need. Administrators can save hours of time running scheduling, invoicing and client communications all in one place.

Large Care Providers

Controls and coordination for the most complex of organisations. EAP providers can modernise their offering, with more data and visibility over your program. Community and Specialised programs can run scaled interventions and diverse teams. Developers can connect to our APIs to build on top of our platform and leverage innovative measurement and data capabilities.