"Tacklit"Admin and Receptionists | Save hours of time running your service
Great for admin tasks
Get more done with Tacklit
Make managing all your moving pieces a breeze. Calendars, invoicing, client details, reports and letters made to make your life easier.
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Stay in control

As a Tacklit Superuser you can run 1,000's of practitioners across one, multiple or virtual service delivery modes. Handle client waitlists and onboarding, getting all the insight you need. Manage scheduling and other logistics like Telehealth rooms with ease.

  • Run multiple calendars
  • Control all room bookings
  • Track client attendance
  • Send broadcast messages
  • Store all necessary client details
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"Easily accessible, flows really well, its personalised to my needs and astectically pleasing. One other thing too the customer service is second to none!! Amazing product, fantastic service and bespoke to my needs." Jean Langford - Private Practice Director