"Tacklit"Tacklit: Helping Therapists to help their clients
For Therapists
Manage your time. Improve your therapy. Empower your clients. All in one place.
Tacklit is a revolutionary new platform, engineered by frontline therapists to help them change more lives. From planning to delivery, we support you every stage of the therapeutic journey.
Improved Onboarding and Pathway Management

Get to know your clients before they walk through the door with fully customisable onboarding assessments, collecting the information you need most. Provide appropriate and effective care right from the offset.

  • Tacklit ICMore insight to support the creation of a strong alliance
  • Tacklit ICUtilise our comprehensive question library or create your own
  • Tacklit ICGreat for streamlining telehealth enablement
Easy to manage your schedule and notes

Make finding the right time to connect fast and simple. Easy to set up your availability and give clients a great booking experience. All notes for each appointment stored digitally and securely in your client profile page.

  • Tacklit ICStay in control while reducing effort
  • Tacklit ICEasy for clients to find best available time
  • Tacklit ICDigitally stored so you never lose track
Designed to support therapists working across disciplines, philosophies and approaches
Through deep interviews with hundreds of front line practitioners, who use a wide range of methods and styles in working with clients to improve their lives, we've created tools that can make a difference for you.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy micro-journaling

Set clients to keep track of negative thoughts or challenge between sessions with our micro journal you configure. Use to identify issues and track impact of changes. Easily share homework and coping exercises digitally and monitor there effectiveness.

Focus on the therapy relationship

Augment your in session conversations with extra insight logged by clients around their emotions and dreams. Use these snippets as jump off points to explore recurring themes and patterns.

Client-centred to develop a strong client-therapist relationship

Empower clients to capture their unique experience and perspective so they can be better placed to reflect and guide the direction of their time with you.

More tools to help identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviours

Whether you are sharing exercises to help cope with phobias, or logging when unhealthy behaviours are triggered, our tooling helps you better capture and set strategies to drive change.