Episodes of Care

Jan 3, 2024

  • Superusers or designated practitioners can now create an episode of care. This allows client data and activities to be organised based on a time-oriented framework.

  • Manage, draft, and activate episodes, with only one allowed to be active at a time. Once the status is set as Active, new client appointments, assessments, survey and check-in insight are linked will be linked to this episode.

  • For Report, Case Note, Letter, and Invoice, you can select the episode to assign to, current active episode will be picked by default but you can also select other episodes.

  • Health Information is now supported for each episode, it works the same way as Profile Information, the difference is Health Information is designed to use for health data recording which is specific to each episode.

  • In the client profile, use the episode filter to view client data and activities linked to each episode when click into each menu bar.